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Today Marks My One-Year Anniversary of CrossFit!!

Wow! It’s really hard to believe that one year ago today, I was dragged out of my house at 5:45 AM and thrown into the CrossFit world a few, short minutes later. And what a year it has been. 

One Year Ago
Weight: 185 LBs (and that was down 5-10 LBs from earlier in 2010)
Waist: 37.5 inches

What a Difference a Year Makes
Weight: 165 LBs (ok, it might be 166 this morning because I had some desert yesterday :) 
Waist: 33.5 inches

All my other measurements (biceps, chest, etc.) improved as well but I can’t find them right now … not that it really matters! 

To top off my one year anniversary, I got a new PR on a Narrow Grip Bench this morning! But, best of all, I still suck ass at double unders. In fact, I may actually be worse at them now! In fact, that’s my new goal. To always suck at double unders. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Warm Up:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Pistols

200 Single Jump Ropes - or - 50 Double Effing Unders

Foam Roller with Bar
PNF stretch (hamstrings)
Shoulders with Kettle Bell

1 Rep Max Narrow Grip Bench Press
175 LBS (PR by 10 LBs) 

10 Ring Dips
10 Clapping Push Ups
10 Push Press (105 LBs)
20 Sit Ups

2x 10 Should Press (75 LBs) 


Holy arm workout, Batman! It was a brutal one after the first round. Good, but brutal. 

Anyway, thanks for the first year and here’s to another great year, CrossFit!