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Getting Back After It … Slowly

After 9 days of stress and anxiety with Marley, it’s time to get back to the gym. I’m still in Denver while Marley remains in the hospital but used the fitness center at my friend’s apartment complex to get a little work in.

Because I have been so immobile, sitting for hours and hours and hours each day, I am going to start and go slower than usual until Thursday, at which time I should be back home and at my box, ready to go.

In the meantime, it was good to get a little work in.

Warm Up
15 Push Ups
15 Squats
15 Leg Levers
10 Jumping Squats
15 Push Ups

High Bar Back Squats
9x 3 @ ~60%- 185 lb.

Run 400 meters
15 Push Ups

I’ll add a bit more to it tomorrow (limited options at this fitness center) but, once again, just good to move some.

Training Hiatus

Sort of.

Not because I want to or due to an injury.

Marley (one of my dogs) is very sick and we have been in Denver since Friday for her … and won’t be home until early- to mid-week next week. It’s been an excruciating 4 days but, not unlike a Hero or Lady WOD, you just suck it up, keep moving and never give up.

I’ll probably write more on ouray later. Not quite ready to write it all out just yet.

The Day I Became The Enemy

So, for today’s workout I took all the good parts of Fran (right?) and made them worse.

It was actually hilarious to watch the ‘panic’ set in. It’s the first time in a while that I saw even our top athletes pacing and nervous before the MetCon.

The worst part for me is that, due to a scheduling issue, Alan and I both had to lift in the AM and must return this PM for the MetCon, which we know will suck ass.

Olympic Lifting Class
Warm Up
3x 3 Squat to Press
3x 3 Clean Pull Unders
3x 3 1 Clean High Pull -> 1 Hang Clean

Clean Drills
Clean Pulls
Clean High Pulls
Romanian Deadlift -> Hang Clean

Jerk Drills
Jerk from Eyes
Press in Split Jerk

Pendlay Rows
5x 3 AHAP - 155 lb.

Conditioning (Thurs PM)
Thrusters 95 lb./65 lb.
Toes to Bar

Rest 3 minutes

Row 200 meters
25 Russian Kettle Bell Swings 3 pood/2 pood

I think I’d better come up with a killer injury to feign before class tonight :).

CrossFit Kids Gantry South - Chase Mission Main Street Grants.

Even though Brenna is mean to me, Michelle is awesome and I wanted to share this as well :).

Michelle (tribander) is doing some awesome things with kiddos in NYC … help her out and go vote for her!



Hello friends!  I applied for a grant at the encouragement of my local banker.  Please vote for us!  We need 250 votes…I have 20.  VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Edit:  Why yes, it twas us that was is in the NY Times!  

Hey guys, can you please take a moment out of your busy days to vote for Michele and CrossFit Kids Gantry South?

She’s done (and is doing!) awesome things to get kids more active, build leadership skills, and develop self-confidence.

She’s pursuing her dreams (and helping people in the process!) — all she needs is a couple of clicks from you.

Pretty Fun (if not exhausted) Start to the Week

It’s been quite the busy, but awesome, start to my week.

On Sunday, we had our 4-hour coaches workshop with Anna Martin and it was fabulous.

Alan and I were both taken aback at how much we improved at the drills from our Friday one-on-two session to Sunday. Between Friday’s session and Sunday’s workshop, we learned a ton not only about the lift but also on better techniques for coaching them.

Along those lines, I received a huge compliment. Anna, who, apparently, is not effusive with her praise, sent Alan a note Monday saying that she was very impressed with how well he and I could see mistakes and flaws in the lifters’ technique and that she felt good knowing that everyone was in good hands.

Not going to lie … that felt pretty good coming from a World Champion Olympic Lifter and coach. Kind of made my Monday,m to say the least.

4 hours of Cleans, Jerks, Clean & Jerks, and Snatches. Yay!

The Fried (Over-medium) CNS Day
We (those who attended the Sunday workshop) were not allowed to do any MetCons today. Only our Smolov work.

Smolov, Jr. Week 3, Day 3
8x 4 @ 80% +3.75 lb. - 128 lb.

Little Man in the House!

Smolov, Jr. Week 3, Day 4
10x 3 @ 85% +4 lb. - 135 lb.

HOORAY! It’s done. And I only missed 2 lifts the entire cycle. 1RM attempt coming on Sunday.

10 Minute EMOM
6 Sumo Deadlifts @ 45% of 1RM
6 Burpees

This was super-fun. Alan and I raced and I smack talked the whole time about how I was kicking his ass, PR’ing the WOD and beating everyone in the gym. At one point he had to stop during his burpees to finish laughing.

And thanks to the little man being there today, I was 30 minutes late getting home because I couldn’t stop playing with him. Damn puppies … why u so cute?!?!?!

Ready for a Rest Day but It Isn’t Here Just Yet!

Had a light morning at the box. Neither Alan nor I were coaching so we met at 7 to do our Smolov lifts but both decided that we were tired and skipped the mini-conditioning we had for the classes (it’s a truly light day for them all).

But, I found out we’re meeting up again around 3 for a one-on-one (well, one-on-two I guess) with Anna ahead of Sunday’s Oly workshop. So, I guess it’s good we skipped the 1/2 Tabata!

Smolov, Jr. Week 3, Day 2
7x 5 @ 75% + 3.75 lb. - 120 lb.

150 Double Unders for time

Result: 2:45 (they were not going well today LOL).

The presses were tough today but we got them done. Looking forward to two days off from pressing and finishing them up Monday and Tuesday (1RM day is now set for Sunday, October 12).

Hope you all have great a weekend!

Thursday Tapering … Sort Of

Ok, so I’m not really sure the below qualifies as tapering. If so, I’m pretty freaking worked from it :).

Another fun morning at the box. Laughing, joking, throwing some heavy shit around, all good. It’s nice to have things at the box turning positive again.

The negativity shit that plagued us this summer and early Fall truly seems behind us and I could not be happier about it.

Oh! I got some new Rogue gear yesterday. New Tommy Kono knee supports and wrist wraps (my old ones literally got tore up).

The Tommy Kono BLOW AWAY my Rehbands. And I want to stress that I love my Rehbands. They’ve been a godsend. But these TK Bands?

Olympic Lifting
Smolov Jr., Week 3, Day 1
6x 6 @ 70% + 4lb. - 112 lb.

Clean & Jerk
Heavy Singles
Worked up to 185 lb. (90%)
Two failed Jerks at 195 lb. (cleans were good … just missed the jerks)

Weighted Jumping Squats
5x 6 @ [95 lb., 95 lb., 115 lb., 125 lb., 95 lb.]

5 Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps 24”/20”
20 Russian KB Swings 3 pood (~98 lb.)/2 pood (~71 lb.)

Result: 03:34

The gripper goes by round 3 when you start with the KB swings. I almost fell off the bar for my last 5 pull ups … definitely took me by surprise!

Not Gonna Lie … This One Was Good

The rep scheme for this WOD was originally way too much. So, Alan gave it an edit and it was money.

It was originally a 21-15-9, then 15-12-9 and then 12-9-6. Dropping everything down was a really good improvement.

But, overall, I loved the combination of movements and structure. Hard but fun.

Strength & Conditioning
Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM (75 lb.)
Sit Ups
American KB Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood

Rest 90 seconds

Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM
Sit Ups

Rest 60 seconds

Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM

Result: 16:35 (includes rest periods)

Excellent Start to the Week

We’re front-loading our work early this week with today and tomorrow having particularly heavy workloads/MetCons. We have two Olympic lifting workshops coming this weekend (Friday and Sunday) with Anna Martin so we do want to be as fresh as possible for those.

Smolov Jr., Week 2, Day 4
8x 4 @ 80% - 127 lb. (80% + 3 lb.)

In Teams of 3/4
400 Double Unders
200 Leg Levers
75 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”
50 Pull Ups


Our dear friend Chris celebrates her birthday today … so we celebrated by making sure she got some Olys in the lifting class and the standard class’ MetCon (Chris loves her some Olys).

Olympic Lifting
Smolov Jr., Week 2, Day 4
10x 3 @ 85% - 132.5 lb. (85% + 1.5 lb.)

Snatch Balances

3x 6 @ 75% - 275 lb.

8 Minute AMRAP
6 Chest to Bar
8 Hang Power Cleans 95 lb./65 lb.
10 Wall Balls 20 lb./14 lb.

Result: 5 + 3

I had zero pull left in me come the MetCon, which I had to do after coaching the 8:15 class and, thus, 60 minutes ‘off’ between my oly/strength work and MetCon. It was hard to restart the engine and ended up being more of a slog than I wanted for 8 minutes.

Still … got the work in and feel good!