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Not Gonna Lie … This One Was Good

The rep scheme for this WOD was originally way too much. So, Alan gave it an edit and it was money.

It was originally a 21-15-9, then 15-12-9 and then 12-9-6. Dropping everything down was a really good improvement.

But, overall, I loved the combination of movements and structure. Hard but fun.

Strength & Conditioning
Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM (75%)
Sit Ups
American KB Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood

Rest 90 seconds

Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM
Sit Ups

Rest 60 seconds

Overhead Squats @ ~50% of 1RM

Result: 16:35 (includes rest periods)

Excellent Start to the Week

We’re front-loading our work early this week with today and tomorrow having particularly heavy workloads/MetCons. We have two Olympic lifting workshops coming this weekend (Friday and Sunday) with Anna Martin so we do want to be as fresh as possible for those.

Smolov Jr., Week 2, Day 4
8x 4 @ 80% - 127 lb. (80% + 3 lb.)

In Teams of 3/4
400 Double Unders
200 Leg Levers
75 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”
50 Pull Ups


Our dear friend Chris celebrates her birthday today … so we celebrated by making sure she got some Olys in the lifting class and the standard class’ MetCon (Chris loves her some Olys).

Olympic Lifting
Smolov Jr., Week 2, Day 4
10x 3 @ 85% - 132.5 lb. (85% + 1.5 lb.)

Snatch Balances

3x 6 @ 75% - 275 lb.

8 Minute AMRAP
6 Chest to Bar
8 Hang Power Cleans 95 lb./65 lb.
10 Wall Balls 20 lb./14 lb.

Result: 5 + 3

I had zero pull left in me come the MetCon, which I had to do after coaching the 8:15 class and, thus, 60 minutes ‘off’ between my oly/strength work and MetCon. It was hard to restart the engine and ended up being more of a slog than I wanted for 8 minutes.

Still … got the work in and feel good!

My Absolute Favorite Couplet

Yes, I have ranked couplets … again, I’m a dork. Why are you surprised?

What’s the top couplet on my list, asked absolutely no one?
Squats and sprints

They’re just so horribly fantastic!

Anyway, today marks the end of my first week doing the primary programming for the box (with inputs and edits from Alan, of course). I think, overall, it went really well. I know for myself, I feel completely worked and tired but nothing is ‘hurt’ or overworked.

It must’ve gone well enough overall because Alan wants me to put together next week as well and we’ll sit down together on Sunday after our group WOD to edit and hammer out the final details.

I really appreciate the support and encouragement he’s given me … definitely means a lot.

For today …

Smolov, Jr. Week 2, Day 2
Shoulder Press
7x 5 @ 75% (+ 2 lb.) - 118.5 lb.

10 HBBS @ 55% - 170 lb.
50 meter Sprint (it’s really 2, 25 meter sprints)

Result: 06:08

I was so pissed at the end of the WOD. I had Alan by a couple of seconds and the dick caught me on round 5 and finished at 6:07 … same as stupid Jackie. I’ll make them do burpees next week as a penalty for beating me.

When You Know the WOD Will Suck

Without question the hardest part of programming for the box is knowing the WOD ahead of time. Ignorance truly is bliss!

Along those lines, I tried so hard to talk myself out of going this morning. I knew it was going to be brutal. I had to laugh when I got to the box to meet Alan for our work. Turns out he was also trying to come up with a reason why he couldn’t do the WOD.

Eventually, we sucked it up and got to work … and had a blast.

JACKIE: step ups?!?! You were doing step ups? Awful. Just awful. :)

Clean Pulls
5x 3 @ 115 lb.

18 Minute AMRAP
7 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”
8 Ring Rows
9 Thrusters 95/65

Result: 7 + 15

Ready for a rest day for sure!

Just Another Manic Monday

I figured if I had to have that damn Bangles song in my head all day, so do you people!

Actually, it’s a pretty damn good Monday. Only a little manic, really. In fact, any week is fun when I can start it off with this crew (from Sunday … and love how front-and-center Alan is):

This week is my first official week of programming for our box. Alan decided that it would be cool if we collaborated and shared the work. It’s already been great because I sent off the week to him last night, we had an awesome editing chat, made some minor tweaks and we both feel like it’s going to be a good one.

Olympic Lifting Class
Smolov, Jr. Cycle Week 1, Day 4
Shoulder Press
10x 3 @ 85% - 131.25 lb.

So heavy. So hard. Only missed rep 30 … and it might’ve been because I was laughing during it.

Accessory Work
Snatch pulls for those with Snatchable wrists

5x 8 GHD Sit Ups

CrossFit Class
Front Squat
3x 6 @ 65% - 165 lb.

Push Ups
Double Unders

Result: 05:24

The CrossFit class will not feel the MetCon the way the Oly class folks did. The should presses made the push ups BRUTAL. Alan and I could not stop marveling/laughing/bitching about them throughout.

When Coaching Inspiration Goes Awry

Left the box this morning after my workout to find this text waiting for me from my friend Erin (our local baker):

For some reason, I decided that instead of buns of steel, we were all more realistically working towards buns of aluminum … it made them laugh, which is all I really cared about.

As for me, well, let’s just say I’m working around some stuff after a failed Snatch yesterday. Pretty annoyed but I’ve finally reached the point where I’m taking the Snatch off the table for my training. Le sigh.

For today:
Smolov, Jr.; Week 1, Day 2
Shoulder Press
7x 5 @ 75% - 116.25 lb.

8 Minute AMRAP
24 Double Unders
10 Weighted Lunge Steps - 55 lb./35 lb.
8 Box Jumps 24”/20” 6 Ring Rows

Result: 5 + 28

I always forget how freaking slow weighted lunge steps are.

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Hello Kitty is a Bitch

That shitty kitty spent the entire class chasing poor Minnie around. Poor Minnie never got a chance to even focus on her lifts.

Yeah, I have Minnie Mouse socks. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

The classes went for 1RMs on a Bench and Squat (high bar) today as they recently finished a strength cycle on those lifts. Not surprisingly and despite my not having participated in the cycle itself, I got kind of sucked up into the fun and went as heavy as I could on both lifts.

Bench Press
Maxed out at 205 lb. (previous 1RM was 210 lb.) and just missed 211 lb.

High Bar Back Squats
Maxed out at 295 lb. (previous 1RM was 305 lb.)

I was excited with both lifts. I have not gone that heavy on either since jacking up my wrist and the onset of the glorious patellar tendonitis. Pretty thrilled that I was so close to maxes on both … and the 295 lb. on the squat was actually easy. I decided not to go for more because, well, it just seemed smart.

Breathe Brenna and Jilda, breathe. I won’t let this sort of intelligence get in the way of my next injury. Promise!