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Squats + Box Jumps = Hell Yeah

Apparently, today is “Equations in Blog Post Titles” day.

Super awesome fun morning at the box. Alan and I worked together at 7 and tag-teamed the 8:15 class. We were both in goofy moods so it ended up being pretty entertaining.

My wrist is still jacked up … I did something to it yesterday that aggravated it. The sad part? I essentially took yesterday off and, what work I did, wasn’t even on my wrist. What. The. Hell?!?

So, while Alan got to do Power Snatches in the WOD, I had to mod to High Bar Back Squats. Not that I minded: HBBS + Super-tall Box Jumps is one of my favorite couplets. LOVE THEM!

Since the group is going for big 1RMs on Tuesday, we are keeping it light on them today, which was also fine with me.

5 HBBS @ 60% of 1RM - 185 lb.
10 Box Jumps 38”

Result: 04:03

I know I added this on my Ouray blog but …

Before I close my post, I want to send a sincere thanks to all who pitched in with suggestions and ideas about a book for my girls’ basketball team. I sincerely appreciate all of you. Thanks!

Great Book For Young Women (Teens)?

I could use some assistance from my fellow Tumblrs.

As some may know, I was cajoled back into coaching basketball at the Ouray High School this year. However, I have switched from coaching the boys - with whom I was an awful fit - to the girls - with whom I am a great fit.

Our school is very small (~50 kids total) and, as such, when 99% of our student-athletes graduate, they are not headed on to play basketball in college. Accordingly, my primary focus as their coach is to empower them with tools and knowledge that can carry them to successes both now and later in their lives.

I typically to give my players (or just captains … depends on the team each year) a book or two before the start of the season. Something I think would inspire them to better themselves, etc.

It is here that I find myself stuck. I spent the past many years thinking about such purchases/choices from the male perspective and now must ‘reverse’ course (maybe I don’t … overthinking it?).

My long-winded, holy shit is he actually going to ask something, question is this: Do you have any book suggestions, suitable for a high school female, that would fit what I described above?

Interrupted WODs

There are those days where, for one reason or another, you just can’ get into the flow of a WOD. Today was one of those days … an important and good conversation about our gym started when I began my Front Squats and it sort of took over.

So, I decided not to fight it. Wrapped up a third set of squats, tailored the MetCon a little for the time I had left and called it good.

I’ll head down for a straight-up lifting session tomorrow, which will be great since it’s a built-in rest day for the box and no classes go on.

Voodoo: knee, wrist, ankles
Hip Flexor: wall and bands
Shoulders: bands and PVC

Front Squats
3 @ 75% - 182 lb.

12 Wall Balls
6 Ring Dips
12 Leg Levers
6 Push Press @ 60% of 1RM - 115 lb.

Result: 08:20

Foam Roll: posterior chain
Supernova: quads and IT band
Peanut: t-spine

Rainy Mondays Rock

I love a rainy Monday. Living the traditional Mon-Fri working life, few things are sadder to me than a blue-sky Monday. I don’t get to go out and have fun; rather, I have to sit at my desk for 10+ hours and code/work.

On these rainy, grey days, I am always more productive and, these sort of Mondays in September in the San Juan Mountains can only mean that it’s almost bad socks and CrossFit season!

For today’s fun …

Voodoo: wrist, knee
Hamstrings: PNF on box
Shoulders: bands
Calves: wall

Shoulder Press
6x 2 @ 85% - 132 lb.

Pull Ups
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Double Unders x2

Result: 09:25

Foam roll: posterior chain
Knees: varasana
Supernova: Quads and IT

Fall is Coming to the Mountains

We had a nice turnout and morning at the park. The mornings are fast getting colder and the sun lingers more and more before cresting the amphitheater.

Glad to be able to take advantage while we can. Today, Joanie ran our Park WOD and did a great job with the programming.

She said 1 minute Plank Holds are going to be “her signature”. Cute.

1 minute Plank Hold
25 Ball Slams 20 lb./12 lb.
Run 200 meters
25 Wall Jumps ~24”
Run backwards 200 meters
25 Squats
Run 200 meters
25 Burpee Broad Jumps across park
25 Ball Slams
Run 200 meters
60 Lunge Steps across park
1 minute Plank Hold

The Longest 12 Minutes Ever

You ever notice how, after taking time away to rest/recover/party, it seems like it takes for-freaking-ever to get into the MetCon swing of things?

Yeah, I’m living in that world right now. I’ve been more than a bit of a sloth/pig over the last six weeks and expected nothing less.

And, truthishly, I don’t mind. I sort of like kicking my own ass for being a dipshit.

4 Minute AMRAP
10 Wall Balls 20 lb./14 lb.
5 Burpees Box Jumps 24”/20”

Result: 4 rounds + 10 WBs

Rest 2 minutes

4 Minute AMRAP
10 American KB Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood
5 Box Jumps 24”/20”

Result: 4 rounds + 10 AM KBs

Rest 2 Minutes

4 Minute AMRAP
10 Weighted Lunge Steps 75 lb. (pick a reasonable weight)
5 Weighted Sit Ups 25 lb./10 lb.

Result: 3 rounds

Simply was not moving fast today. The legs were a little fried from the squats and DLs yesterday but it is always so good to force yourself to slog through something when you just want to stop.

@runningwithguts - it IS about time to come bowl, isn’t it :)? Funny you mentioned it yesterday … planning the trip for November this year!

Smart Craig is Here … But Don’t Get Used to It

(pats self on back)

I’m doing a very good job of moderating my work as I get back into the swing of things this week. I had to talk myself down from the “add more weight you freaking baby” ledge several times today. I was feeling pretty good and that’s always, for me anyway, when it is so hard to stay smart.

But, I am me and there’s no getting around that. Dumbassery awaits …

Had a blast coaching the 7 AM lifting and 8:15 AM CrossFit classes today. I got to see friends I feel like I have not seen all summer.

And, two of my favorites were there …

Love those two … they work their asses off, they’re a blast to have in class and just all around good people.

As for me, squats were hard. Great. But hard. Working on staying back in the posterior chain and engaging the gluteus and hamstrings. So frustrating but it’s worth it.

Shoulders: bands
Hip flexor: wall , bands
PNF: hamstrings
Voodoo: knee, both ankles, wrist

High Bar Back Squats
6x 4 @ 75% - 229 lb.

90-second break between sets

6 Pull Ups
9 Deadlifts @ 50% of 1RM - 182.5 lb.
12 Hand-release Push Ups

Result: 4:01

Foam roll: lower back, posterior chain, quads, IT

Will ramp up the MetCon a little tomorrow … still sucking some birthday weight wind when trying to go fast. No worries, of course. It’ll come back soon enough.

7 Days Off … 7? Yes. 7!

Since I started CrossFit in 2010, I have not taken 7 full days off from fitness. Hell, I didn’t even take that long off when I tore my knee up in 2013.

Oddly enough, I didn’t even realize it had been 7 days until last night at class - I was coaching and doing some mobility - when I counted it up.

It’s been a busy and, in some ways, rough summer. As such, this ended up being a great week away from it all, both mentally and physically.

Headed down this morning to do some lifting with Alan before he takes off for a week tonight. Then, Maureen really wanted to do a MetCon, so we headed down together this evening for some fun.

She’s so damn cute when she likes a MetCon I program. She’ll comment that she likes it several times throughout the WOD … stopping her movement to tell me how much fun it is for about 20 seconds. Like I don’t know what she’s really doing ;).

Bench Press
4x 1 @ 90-95% - 196 lb.

Clean & Jerk
Multi-reps at each weight:
135 lb. (~65%) to 155 lb. (~75%) to 175 lb. (~85%)

7 Minute AMRAP
6 Handstand Push Ups
7 Box Jumps 24”/20”
8 Weighted Lunge Steps 65 lb./45 lb.

Results: 5 rounds + 2 HSPUs

Super-excited with the bench. The wrist held up great and I was doing a crapload of heavy singles, not just what’s listed above. Though, what’s above is 93% of my 1RM, so hitting all those reps was nice … if not unexpected.

Clean & Jerks were fun, too. The last lift at 175 lb. was a little wonky on the wrist (oddly, it was on the clean, not the jerk) so I left it there and called it good.

All in all, it felt very good to get back into the box and moving again.

Knee Tested Day 2

After dropping one car and one car battery (don’t ask) off at the service station in town yesterday, I embarked on a 20 minute run to do a second test on the craptacular knee.

I covered about 2.25-2.5 miles in the 20 minutes and felt pretty solid throughout the run (if not a little tired).

Best of all, I woke up today with a normal feeling knee, so that’s great!

Knee Tester Day 1

Since I’m headed out of town this coming weekend and workouts are doubtful for Friday through Sunday, I decided to treat this week a little differently.

Today, I headed down to the box just to squat. A bit of a test with the right knee and the tendonitis. Tomorrow, which is typically a rest day, I’ll return to the box for a MetCon. Then, I’ll do a normal workout Thursday followed by 3 days off and a lot of partying (I’m already dreading Monday’s workout!).

Anyway, squats went well and the knee feels pretty solid. I let it collapse in a couple of times while starting my drive up but, overall, it wasn’t too bad.

High Bar Back Squats
6x 6 @ 60% - 185 lb.

1 minute between sets.